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Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd is a registered Indian company promoted by a team of engineers, veterinarians, and other professionals to market and supply of Liquid Nitrogen Containers and Tanks to serve the needs of Semen Banks, Govt. of Animal Husbandry Departments & Artificial Inseminators, Milk Producers Unions, Vaccine Preservation, Medical & Research Institutes, Infertility Clinics, Engineering and Gas Industry. Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd, India is authorized distributor of MVE CHART BIOMEDICAL. MVE CHART BIOMEDICAL, USA is a pioneer company in the field of design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Liquid Nitrogen Biological Containers, dewars and tanks for the last 50 years. MVE CHART BIOMEDICAL has the solution for all of your Cryogenic storage needs and meets worldwide standards of excellence.


Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd is Supplying GP, ET, Stock Series liquid nitrogen containers from the World No.1 Company MVE Chart Biomedical USA. Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd has introduced GP Series in India backed by MVE's engineers and certified for quality performance. The GP Series offers low-cost Liquid Nitrogen Containers with repeatable nitrogen duration while using global low cost components. Each component has been carefully engineered to produce a cost effective container while maintaining the consistent quality you expect from MVE. Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd supplying more than 100 types of liquid nitrogen Storage and transportation containers and other accessories Like Transfer Device, Liquid Nitrogen Level indicator, Moving Trolley, SS Funnel, etc. Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd. is leader in India for repairing and maintenance processes of Liquid Nitrogen Containers and tanks. Today, the Spectra Cryogenics’ team carries out this repair process with constant and improved technologies.

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