Repairing & Refurnishing of Cryogenics equipment.

Spectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd. is leader in India for repairing and maintenance processes of Liquid Nitrogen Containers and Tanks. Today, the Spectra Cryogenics team carries out this repair process with constant and improved technologies.

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With time and usage the performance of the Liquid Nitrogen Containers deteriorate due to variety of reasons such as ageing of „O ring, degassing, micro leak in weld joints due to crack in transportation, fatigue failure due to repeated thermal cycling stress, porosity leaks, hair crack, cold leaks, etc results in the drop in insulation vacuum of the cryogenic containers and hence its performance.

Cryocan Repairing Program

A. Inspection

It is the very first step of the process to inspect or check the functioning and physical condition of every part of the container. It includes the points like locking cap, neck cork, fibre neck, bottom and side rubber, physical condition such as dent, damage, etc, plug valve, “0” ring condition, number of canisters, etc.

B. Re-Evacuation

It is the part of the process in which containers are reconditioned, by evacuating the double wall space and checking if it holds vacuum or not. If not, necessary repairs are carried out and the container is brought back to operational condition. In normal condition, the vacuum level of the container is 0.001. If not, such containers are left for two three days and status of vacuum holding is checked and even flushing and purging is done to remove the moisture.

C. Leak Testing

If the problem of achieving the required insulation vacuum level still persists, then it indicates the possibilities of leak or crack in the container either internally or externally. On further, leak testing is done while connecting Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector. If yes, Reconditioning/Reviving is done by applying Epoxy or Welding according to the situation.

D. Testing of Repaired Containers

It is highly essential that the containers after repair need to be tested for its satisfactory performance. So the Net Evaporation RateNacuum holding capacity is checked.

Our Capacity of Repairing

Cryocan repairing capcity 5000per Year
Tank & Dura Cylinder Capacity of Repairing 100 per Year