Cryogenic Grinding Systems

Cryogenic Grinding Systems for the Spices, Herbs, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.
We supplies standard cryogenic grinding systems for temperature below -1000C in compact design. Cryogenic Grinding Systems are used for :-

Spices – Co-polymers
Herbs – Heat sensitive polymers
Dry Vegetable – Cellulose ether

The materials are cooled in a screw type cooler, generally with liquid nitrogen. Cryogenic grinding systems are used for gentle grinding of “Aromatic, Vary oily, and Greasy or temperature- sensitive products”

A cooling down of the material to below 0 oC prevents evaporation of distilled oils or the melting of heat sensitive greases.

Decades of experience in this area from the foundation for the design and construction of Cryogenic Grinding systems which are especially adapted to the various applications.

  1. Feed conveyor belt
  2. Granulator with feed chute
  3. Fan/Blower
  4. Cyclone
  5. Rotary valve
  6. Feed metering screw with bin and agitator
  7. Feed metering screw with bin for additives
  8. Screw cooler
  9. Alpine CW Contraplex Pin Mill
  10. Automatic filter
  11. Control unit for LN,
  12. LN supply tank
  13. Control cabinet